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Dirty laundry
Hello Mozart Theatre

Hello Mozart Theatre was founded in 2017 by long time collaborators Jason Bradbury and Matthew Kyne Baskott, who first met as undergraduates on the opposing sides of two rivalrous universities. They overcame that divide by recognising their shared history of both being tragic Marilyn Manson listening, eighties horror movie watching, Dennis Cooper reading, small town goths with a passion for making ambitious black and white films with pretentious titles.

Driven by a need to show the world that we are not the freaks we were labelled as teenagers, our work focuses on complicated characters who exist on the fringes of society. These are usually people vilified or ostracised because of their perceived abnormalities. They can be criminals, sexual deviants or just general misfits; people who polite society may shrug away from. But by opening a window on these strangers’ lives, we aim to reveal the shared humanity that connects us all.

We produce contemporary work that is dark but full of heart. We are all about empathy. In a world increasingly torn apart by strong men, where competition divides and rules us, we bring you stories of human connection, however, troubled and brief these may be.

In Development

Heroines, 2018

Past Productions

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